Welcome to the Privacy Policy of International Collection Services bv (hereinafter ICS BV).

We are a debt collection agency acting as a processor for the collection of our clients’ outstanding claims, who are the controllers.

For this processing we base ourselves on the legal grounds that the data subject is a party
to the agreement with the client. The processing of your data is also necessary to represent our client’s legitimate interests, namely the collection of outstanding claims.

Data collection

When visiting the website of ICS bv, a limited number of anonymous data will be
collected through cookies. More information about this can be found in our cookie policy.

There is no obligation to provide personal data to visit our website.

If you contact us through our website, your data will be used to inform you.

All data received by ICS bv will always be processed within the framework of General
Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

ICS bv will not transfer any personal data to third parties, except within the framework of an explicit contractual agreement or legal obligations.

Working Method

As a collection agency, ICS bv always receives personal information from its clients in the context of its contract with them, more specifically the collection of unpaid invoices. This data will not be used for other purposes such as direct marketing.

We always deal with the data of these debtors in a confidential manner and we will assist them as much as possible in exercising their rights.

Retention Period

We will keep the data for 10 years from the closing of the file or if otherwise determined by an applicable statutory retention period.

Rights of the Data Subjects

Within the framework of General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 natural
persons will have the rights listed below. If you wish to exercise one of these rights, you can
always contact us. If necessary, we will contact our client, who is the data controller, and find out together with him what is possible within the framework of our contractual performance.

Right of access
The data subject will always have the right to know whether his personal data are being  processed, and he will always be entitled to request to have access to them.

Right to rectification
If the data subject notices that his data are incorrect, he can request that they be corrected.
If the data subject provides ICS bv with the correct data, ICS bv will ensure that the client receives this information and that he can also adjust his file.

Right to be forgotten
The data subject will have the right to request that his data be forgotten.

Right to restriction of processing
The data subject has the right to request that the processing of data be restricted.
ICS bv will process only the data required for the exercise of our client’s rights.

Right to portability
The data subject will have the right to request the portability of his data.

Right to object and automated decision-making
The data subject will have the right to object to automated decision-making without human

In the event of complaints, the data subject can always contact the Data Protection Authority.

Information and questions can always be sent to:

International Collection Services bv
Noorderlaan 98 b29
2030 Antwerp

Data Protection Officer: Anita Harting -

(Please always mention your file number when contacting us)