Past-due invoices, debtors who don't respond... these are challenges you increasingly have to deal with in business. ICS can help you do so.

ICS is specialised in collecting business debts. We help you collect past-due debts on a variable cost basis. Simply put: no collect, no fee. Credit management that improves your cash flow and lightens the burden on your financial services.

ICS is focused on results, be that for a single claim or a large number of regular claims. You only need to look at our high success ratio and loyal client portfolio to see how effective our collection methods are. We work hard to minimise your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

What can you expect from ICS?

Fast professional handling of your claims by a team of experts with extensive experience in national and international debt collection. Read more about how we operate here.

Efficient management of your outstanding claims. Your account manager follows each of your claims closely. You can access a summary of all the details of your claims and accompanying documents immediately through our secure ICS Direct web application.

Cost is important. Invoices need to be collected and you need to know all the costs of doing so in advance. You will receive a clear summary of costs upon request. And, of course, you only pay if we collect.