Financial reporting

Know your customer. Control your risks.

The marketplace in which you trade is changing all the time. So regularly checking the position of trading partners is a very worthwhile exercise for businesses. It's comparable to a check-up at your GP. Structured financial reporting gives you vital information on the health of your customers, enabling you to minimise your credit risks.

ICS provides clear detailed reports on the financial position of your customers, based on the most recent figures from various professional databases. At home and abroad.

There's no subscription. And no other obligations. For each report you pay a fixed price, which you know in advance.

More information about what trade information costs.

What can you expect from ICS?

Accurate up-to-date information on the main financial parameters. You receive an easy-reference report analysing the most relevant customer parameters. You receive information on Belgian businesses within 24 hours. Information on most foreign businesses is provided within 48 hours. More information about reporting terms.

Detailed information based on a thorough investigation. Our trade information is a summary of the data from the most reliable databases. Both national and international. The report contains financial, legal and business data.

Cost is important. You pay by report. Volume discounts are possible.

Financial Reporting