A dynamic business that wishes to make its mark in a globalised competitive environment focuses on its core business. This does not typically include invoicing, monitoring debtors and minimising DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), which can be easily outsourced.

Our core business is optimising and strengthening your financial foundation.

Many non-core services are already outsourced. These include recruitment and selection, social secretariat tasks, logistics, IT services and much more. ICS is your dunning partner.

For many years ICS has invested in designing and refining an automated dunning procedure, in association with highly qualified ICT consultants. As a consequence, we are able to provide a service tailored to your needs, from invoicing on your letterhead to payment matching and collection of all past-due debts.

Such Blue Chip companies as 3M, Dell Finance, UPS and DHL have placed their trust in ICS as third party dunning provider. With quantifiable results in terms of lower DSO and especially financial administration costs and improved client satisfaction.

Client needs are met in a personalised way and reporting is seamlessly adapted to client procedures. Reducing costs and raising the efficiency of the organisation. Ask for a free quotation today.

What can you expect from ICS?

High-tech IT integration of your existing data based on the ICS platform, which is completely adapted to your current primary data production. Find out more about how we work here.

Efficient management from invoicing to collection. Your personal Dunning Manager makes clear agreements with you and ensures your data stream is handled in real time and settled immediately. Fast open communication through personalised reporting.

Cost is important. Our Senior Account Manager identifies your need with you and the optimal outsourcing scenario. You receive a detailed quotation free of charge and without obligation. There are no activation or release fees.

You know the costs in advance, so you can immediately calculate your saving compared with your current costs.