General Conditions

Article 1

The services provided by I.C.S. will be paid for in the form of a commission on the amounts collected.

The commission and processing expenses are payable from the moment that the assignment is issued to I.C.S..

Article 2

The commission is owed in the following cases:

- when the amount is paid to the client or to I.C.S..

- when an agreement has been reached between the client and the debtor for the cancellation or compensation of the debt.

- when the client repossesses the goods supplied.

Article 3

The client undertakes to inform I.C.S. IMMEDIATELY of any intervention on the part of the debtor such as payment, contact or correspondence.

Article 4

The amounts collected by I.C.S. shall be paid to the client on a monthly basis, with the amount of the commission withheld.

Article 5

Invoices from I.C.S. are payable in cash in Antwerp, at the company's head office.

A notice of default will be sent concerning invoices not paid after 30 days.

If no payment is forthcoming, a fixed amount in damages will be charged at 15 % with a minimum of € 37.

Moreover, late payment interest in the amount of 12 % per year will be charged.

Article 6

In the case of dispute, both parties accept the jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp.