How much does it cost to collect a past-due invoice?

The fee payable for collecting a debt outside the courts depends on three things: the country where the debtor is registered, the amount of the debt and the age of the debt. You only pay when money is collected. If your debtor could pay but chooses not to we recommend you take out a summons. You always know the full costs in advance. If you would like to know the fee for collecting your debt, request a quotation today, free of charge and without any obligation.

Ask here for a free quotation without any obligation.

What is the smallest amount ICS can collect for you?

Generally speaking, ICS collects any demand of 50 euros or over in Belgium and any demand of 100 euros or over outside Belgium. Exceptions are negotiable in the event of large volumes.

Where can ICS collect your claims?

ICS operates worldwide, either through one of our own branches or through professional partners. Consult the list of countries and fees here.

ICS is also a member of Global Credit Solutions, which is active in 80 countries, and has access to more than 3000 collection and dunning professionals. ICS provides a worldwide solution at a fee agreed in advance.

What if the debtor is bankrupt?

If your debtor is insolvent the case is closed. If so desired, you can take out a summons against the debtor. You will receive a 'bankruptcy certificate'.

What exactly is collected?

In addition to the principal amount, ICS always demands the costs and penalty interest stated in your general conditions. You receive the full amount paid by your debtor, minus any commission agreed in advance.

How does ICS collect a debt?

The procedure for collecting a debt outside the courts is described here.

What happens if I have to take out a summons against my debtor?

If your debtor is in a position to pay but refuses to do so, ultimately you will have to take out a summons. In all countries where ICS is active, we maintain close contacts with specialised lawyers, who can start proceedings on your behalf for a competitive fee. You always receive a detailed budget of the costs in advance, so you can decide whether to proceed or not. Your own lawyer can take on the case if you so wish.

How do I become an ICS client?

If you would like us to take on responsibility for collecting your debt, simply fill out the documents stated below and send them to us. Remember to enclose your conditions of sale so we can calculate the payable costs and penalty interest. If you have any questions be sure to contact us by email or by phone (+32 (0)3 542 31 53).

1. Contract (Please fill out and send to us by post or fax. Our commission is always clearly stated)

2. Collection order (Please fill out and send to us)

You will always receive an acknowledgement and the contact details of your personal Collection Officer, who you can contact about your account.


I am a new client. How can I submit a file?

You can submit a file by fax, email, post or via our website.

Make sure you provide all relevant documents, together with the contract and the collection order as filled out by you. The agreement and collection instruction are here. You can speed up the process by providing us with the debtor's bank and account details. Remember to enclose your conditions of sale so we can calculate the payable costs and penalty interest.

How can I find out the status of my file at ICS?

ICS notifies you of every action and change to your file immediately. You have access to our secure website, ICSDirect, where you can view the detailed status and copies of all documents and actions at any time. You can always retrieve and print all correspondence. You do not need to keep hard copies of these documents on file. And you can always contact your personal Collection Officer directly.

How can I be sure that the ICS collection procedures are professional?

ICS has built up an excellent reputation among its clients over more than 15 years. Our international partners have been carefully selected and are some of the world's most renowned credit management institutions. All members of staff at ICS abide by a very strict code of conduct, including complete confidentiality, and can count on continual training and assessment.