How we operate

Debt collection in Belgium

ICS stands for a result-oriented and strict collection of business debts. Thorough knowledge of the legal and business aspects allow us to continue to use the correct procedure quickly and efficiently. The amount and age of your claim is not important for its treatment. Our procedures are set to ISO 9001.

In practice
We propose a contract with simple and transparent prices and conditions for the collection assignment you entrust us. (see a model agreement here).

The claim is immediately registered and debtor is summoned to pay within has five days the principal amount and costs and interest as stated in your terms and conditions.

The case is reported to various financial databases who will review their credit ratings for this debtor.
The debtor can pay by bank transfer, Visa or bank card.
We are convinced that an intensive contact with the debtor is necessary for the speedy processing of your claim.
From day 6 your debtor will be called by our Collection Officer and visited if deemed necessary.
There are four outcomes possible:
1. Debtor pays full amount.
2. Debtor pays, after your approval, in instalments, which are monitored carefully by ICS and reported.
3. Your debtor can pay but does not. Depending on claimed amount, we then can recommend legal action.
4. Your debtor is insolvent. The file is closed and, if desired, the debtor can be sued into bankruptcy. You will receive a certificate of bankruptcy.

Status of the collection file
As a client you can consult the status of your files any time through our secure web application ICSDirect.
ICSDirect is password protected and available 24/7.

Debt Recovery Abroad

The legal framework and commercial use vary considerably from country to country and a highly specialist approach is a necessary as a condition to carry out successful legal recovery in Belgium and abroad.

Therefore International Collection Services d much time on the development of our international network of specialized collection agencies. We focus on quality and speed

Your file is in the hands of your personal international Collection Officer who specializes in debt collection in the country of your debtor. He contacts and consult with our correspondent on the spot, immediately the collection procedure deployment according to debt collection laws applicable locally.